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hz283 July 24, 2013 11:53

About the outer PIMPLE loop
Hi All,

I am recently doing a transient simulation using rhoPimpleFoam (version 2.1.1). There is a parameter called as nOuterCorrectors controlling the outer looping numbers. I have the following questions:

1, To do an accurate transient simulation, how many loops should I used? Because when just use one loop the simulation still can run but if I increase the loop to 5 iteration step, it still give some results. As an extreme example, when I increase the step to be 50, most of the later step need zZERO iteration step.

2, Is it necessary to make the outer looping convergent? and the corresponding standard for convengence? For example, when I increased the iteration step to be 50, can we think of those iterations with zero step as convengence? If yes, why does Openfoam not stop automatically to continue to the next time step? However, in another forum, I find the following thread:

Where the outerloop will finish in advance (less than 50 steps). This situation never happens in my openfoam simulations.

Any comments and help are welcome, thanks.

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