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yhaomin2007 July 25, 2013 10:59

Flow separation point and adaptive mesh refinement
Hi, all,

I have two questions, one is about CFD not specific about OF, one is about OF.
The first questions is about the flow separation point in CFD. The cell at the separation point will suffer recirculation and reverse pressure gradient. This point will become the singularity of simulation, and result in unreasonable low pressure or even negative pressure. Does anyone have experience about this problem? I used standard k-epsilon turbulence model before, should I change to other turbulence model?~ Which one should I try?

The second question is about adaptive mesh refine in OpenFOAM. Following the first problem, I tried to use adaptive mesh refinement to refine the mesh around the separation point. Up until now, the refinement does not help too much. Maybe I should keep refinement. But here comes another problem, my problem is 2D, in OpenFOAM, the dynamic mesh refinement is limited to 3D refinement, which means the cut engine will only cut the hex cell into 8 subcells in 3 directions. Is there a way I can cut the cell only in 2 directions? Has any one tried to modify that part before?~

thank you all in advance!~

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