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pablodelag August 29, 2013 18:29

fanPressure BC with cylindricalInletVelocity
Hi everybody,

Recently I have experimented with the fanPressure BC for a two faced baffle inside a cube. I am trying to simulate a fan and results look nice although they don't converge. I choose this BC because it doesn't need to set cyclic faces (as fan does) and so I can manipulate the U field too.

My intention was to combine the pressure jump that fanPressure imposes (creating a velocity normal to the surface), with the radial and tangential components of velocity specified in cylindricalInletVelocity. So far I could only make it work with one BC or the other, but not together. I am using simpleFoam and it doesn't throw any errors, but when I use both BCs and look at the results in Paraview I can never see the swirl with the Stream Tracer filter that cylindricalInletVelocity should generate, nor the velocity field that normally fanPressure does itself.

My questions are:
Has anyone tried this two BCs together??
Is there a way to generate a swirl condition with a pressure jump, or should I try with MRF instead??

Thank you in advance for your help, this forum has helped me a lot.


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