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Hi123 September 15, 2013 23:14

How to define a sliding wall BC in OpenFOAM???

I am new to OpenFOAM. My case is to simulate lamb-oseen vortex in a Cuboid shaped domain. I have given a fixed value for my 'Inlet' , outletInlet for 'Outlet' and wall Bc for the bottom face. I have to give 'Sliding wall" BC to other three faces.
Algorithm: PISO
Turbulence model : LES
What does this sliding wall numerically means and how should I implement it in OpenFOAM??? what should I give for U, P, k and nuTilda?

David* September 17, 2013 09:13

Hi Hi123,
maybe the sliding wall in is enough for you? Very simple. You can set the turbulent variables to zeroGradient at the wall(s), the others like in the tutorial.

Hi123 September 24, 2013 22:03

Thanks alot.. and I have one more doubt..

I need to initialise lamb-oseen vortex in my domain..I have the u,v,w component equations in cartesian co-ordinates for velocity at time t=0.
1. How can I give a non-uniform velocity profile ?
2. If I can use FunkySetFields, Can anyone please tell me how to use it..?
3. I also have a c coding that generates the required velocity values at every node for my domain, used for FLUENT. Is it possible to use the same coding in OpenFOAM ???

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