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StefanoP September 26, 2013 10:05

Hi I am new of OpenFOAM
I am a student and for my master thesis I have to work with an Eulerian-Eulerian solver in OpenFOAM. First of all I read some Phd Thesis that I found in internet and I try to understand the implementation in OpenFOAM. I read the Rusche's thesis and I found there the implementation of the "twoPhaseEluerFoam", but I have some doubt:

- Which are the cases where an Eulerian-Eulerian approach is advised? I mean, I know that a lagrangian approach is good when I deal with a disperse spray or that a VOF is suggested when I want to understand the interaction between two phases, but which is the field of an eulerian-eulerian solver?
- Furthermore which is the range of alpha 1-2 where the results of such solver could be good?

I have maybe more answers, but I would be very glad if someone could for now reply to these simple question.
Best regards,

ThomasV September 27, 2013 05:59


I'm in a similar situation and now have spent quite some time reading literature and trying to understand how OpenFOAM works...

I'd suggest you stay away from the more complicated OpenFOAM solvers at first because they're horribly documented i.e. there pretty much is no documentation / explanation at all. I'd rather recommend looking at THE WIKI which has some more info especially for the very basic solvers. Then I'd have a look at those papers which are about euler-euler models in OpenFOAM:

- Development and validation of a two-phase CFD model using OpenFOAM by Alberto Ghione
- Modeling of Subcooled Nucleate Boiling with OpenFOAM by Edouard Michta
- Modeling of Direct Contact Condensation With OpenFOAM by Roman Thiele

When it's about which model to use - it totally depends on which problem you're examining...

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