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ankit171032 November 13, 2013 01:33

Reversible Arrhenius reaction in OpenFoam foamchemistryreader
How to define reversible Arrhenius reaction in open foam. I am using foamchemistry reader to define chemistry/reactions and I have been able to define irreversible Arrhenius reaction with the help of tutorial files but when I am defining reaction as reversible Arrhenius then I am getting error (may be this is due to the syntax error,I guess)

Linse November 18, 2013 16:43

Just a wild guess, but: What about simply defining the reverse reaction as an additional equation? Or is that what you already did?

PierreB February 13, 2014 11:23

Someone already made a computation with reversibleArrheniusreaction in his foam.inp file? There are additionnal parametres to mention with reversibleArrheniusreaction instead of irreversibleArrheniusreaction?

Second question. How to take into account forward and reverse order reaction?


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