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kick November 17, 2013 16:18

to implement my own turbulence model

I am new to openfoam. I wanted to run simplefoam pitzdaily tutorial with different turbulent model and different geometry.

I found this tutorial pdf for implementing different turbulent models

i couldn't understand from make/file part in pdf.
could any one please help me


Bernhard November 18, 2013 02:59

Do you want to implement a turbulence model, or run with different models? Your question is quite ambiguous in that respect...

kick November 19, 2013 18:28

Thank you for your reply

I want to run with different turbulence model.I figured it out, i think we just need to change the Rasproperties to the desired model.

Also i changed the blockmeshdict file to my dimensions but i couldn't find the recirculation flow in the backwardfacing step pitzdaily tutorial.What could be my possible error?

Best regards

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