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zfaraday November 19, 2013 17:01

convection + known heat flux BC in the same wall
Hi FOAMers!

I'm trying to solve a problem of heat conduction using laplacianFoam. The problem is that one of the BC is such that has convection and a heat flux of known value at the same time, according to the equation:


h*(Tinf-Tb) + q/A = -K*dT/dx
h, Tinf, q/A and K are known.

Another adjacent wall has only the convection part and I'm working with the next implementation with groovyBC:


      type              groovyBC;
      variables        "hwater=50.0;Twater=20.0;k=0.5;";
      valueExpression    "Twater";
      fractionExpression  "1.0/(1.0 + k/(mag(delta())*hwater))";
      value              uniform 50;

The first I thought about was only modifying the convection expression shown above to include the heat flux by adding the gradientExpression field, but I didn't see it clear... Besides I think that was not right.

I would appreciate some help with the implementation of the BC explained above with groovyBC (or maybe not..) since i can't solve my problem without it.

Thank you very much in advance!

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