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rajeshchem November 23, 2013 02:57

Dynamic contact angle calculation in multiphaseInterFoam

Could anyone tell me the implementation of dynamic contact angle in multiphaseInterfoam solver?

There are four contact angle values to be input for multiphaseInterFoam, via.. equlibrium contact angle, Utheta, Advancing contact angle, Receding contact angle.

I found some details , how contact angle is being calculated in multiphaseInterFoam as follows,
θ = (θA − θR ) ∗ tanh(uwall/uθ)

my question is when i use no slip boundary condition, u wall is zero then the theta on left hand side is also becomes zero. Then how the contact angle effect is being imposed in multiphaseinterFoam under no slip BC. First of all, is this solver requires all four contact angle to be defined?

Please help me to understand this contact angle issue.

laurent98 January 6, 2014 20:35

i'am also looking for experimental values for water/air ... anybody can help?
thank very much be advance LL

rajeshchem January 31, 2014 08:52

Could anyone reply to my query?

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