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mxylondon April 14, 2014 08:32

Any pipe (channel) flow tutorial by 'twoPhaseEulerFoam' in version 2.3.0?
Hi guys.

For solver 'twoPhaseEulerFoam' 2.3.0, a vertical fluidised bed case can be found in tutorial.

However, if develop the case to a horizontal pipe with inlet and outlet BCs, I got apparently wrong results again and again, in both velocity and pressure.

My question is, for the solver 'twoPhaseEulerFoam' 2.3.0, does anyone have a normal pipe flow case with good result?

Really appreciate.

aka April 27, 2014 17:15

Hi Xiangyin,
I am also interested to use 'twoPhaseEulerFoam" for a channel/pipe flow. I am still on the planning phase and didn't do any simulations except the tutorials which come with the solver. Let me know if you have got any progresses.


hfsf May 5, 2014 00:48

Hey guys,

Did you managed to get a twoPhaseEulerFoam example for a pipe flow? I've recently started to simulate a filling of a pipe containing air with polymer and solid particles using the multiphaseEulerFoam, a close brother of the twoPhaseEulerFoam. I used the typical boundary conditions for a internal flow simulation, but there's no phase movement whatsoever.

Daneish June 19, 2015 07:25


I would like to know if you had any success with simulations of channel/pipe flow usinf twophaseeulerfoam.

Best regards,

sharonyue June 24, 2015 14:21

Um, maybe the fast way to adopt the tutorial to a pipe will be changing g vector.

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