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Tobi May 12, 2014 03:24

Simulation of Carburetto - which solver is recommended
Dear Foamers,

during the weekend I started a new project and meshed a nice and smooth carburetto as a test case for snappyHexMesh.

Therefor I could check several settings:

  • 2D mesh generation with sHM (extrude from patch)
  • snap settings
  • layersettings
Hence the mesh and the geomtry are so nice, I thought about using this smooth 2d geometry for a simulation.

First of all I wanted to fill the carburetto with fuel (interFoam) and after that simulating a engine on the inlet patch, so that fuel and air should mix.

The question therefor is, which solver would be a good one?
Its just playing around with OpenFOAM and other tools but it would be nice to do it.

Is there any solver recommended for such a simulation?

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