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richard_vega June 21, 2014 14:23

simulate a barrel with fluid inside and air above the fluid
I am new to OpenFOAM and I have a simulation that I would like to perform. I believe the best solver for my purpose would be interFOAM, but I will let you all be the judge. The problem is relatively simple: I want to simulate a barrel with fluid inside, and air above the fluid. In the simulation I would like the barrel to tip over and for the fluid to slosh around inside. My main question after reading through the dam breaking example is how to account for the accelerating boundary conditions (the fact that the barrel is what is moving and the fluid is reacting to this movement). I have not seen any examples like this, but I am sure it can be done. Any advice?

wouter June 21, 2014 18:57

Hello richard_vega,
nice to be so confident. Using interFoam should be oke. I have no idea if this works but I would suggest that you change the gravity vector in time with the help of groovyBC. Presenting the results is I think the most difficult part.

good luck and hope this helps,

Mi95 October 7, 2019 08:20

hey guys,

i dont know if my question is trivial or not, but im having a very similiar case, where i want to simulate a fluid column under a air layer on top.
I considered as you already mentioned the interFoam solver.
But the description of it says:
InterFoam Solver for 2 incompressible, isothermal immiscible fluids using a VOF
my question regarding that would be why it is even possible to simulate the breaking of a dam with interFoam, as the air in the atmosphere is compressible?

do you have any idea?

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