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songwukong May 15, 2015 04:25

methods to initialize DNS turbulence field
Is there any other methods to initialize turbulence field for DNS channel flow case, besides PerturbU?

I have tried perturbU, but the results are not satisfied. The "Streaks" did not evolve into turbulence, and they died out.
It seems parameters of perturbU are too hard to tune...

So, except this way I have to try something else...
Could anybody give me some suggestions? Thank you :)

songwukong May 17, 2015 07:20

Oh, I got it :)
My experience that perturbU did not work well was due to the choice of SGS model.
The oneEqEddy SGS model does not make perturbU work well, as I tried many days before, but the lowReEqEddy does!

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