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anraw August 25, 2016 10:46

simFlow and water flowing from pipe

I am completely new to this forums and to CFD (hence why I am using simFLow). Please forgive a complete newbie for all of the dumb questions that will be asked.

I am working on modeling the interaction between two immiscible fluids using interFOAM. I had no problem advancing from the simFlow tutorial of a water droplet into a bowl of water and then taking it to the immiscible mixing between a basaltic magma and a wet sediment. The later was purely based on density contrasts - I know that the porosity, mineral size and type and degree of saturation are what really control the liquefaction of the sediments leading to magma-sediment mixing textures. My goal is to eventually be able to model this but first I have to master the basics of openFOAM.

To help me master the basics my next step is to model a jet of water falling into a pool of water. From there I can change the parameters to basaltic melt falling into the wet sediments - again from a purely density contrast point of view.

So my question is how do I create a nozzle or opening in simFlow the allows one liquid to fall into a pool of liquid?


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