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TurbJet October 18, 2017 20:59

General questions of MPPICFoam
Hello everyone,

As a green-hand to OF, now I am playing around with the tutorial "GoldSchmit" in MPPICFoam. And I am trying to figure out what are those terms mean in the file KineticCloudProperties. There are few terms really baffle me.

1. in the InjectionModels, what's the size distribution and the value at its bottom?

2. in localInteractionCoeffs, what are the e & mu stands for? and I understand that "type rebound" means when the particles hit the walls, they will just rebound. but I am wondering is there any other type, say like "stick" to the wall?

3. what are the "implicitCoeffs" and "explicitCoeffs" stand for?

Thanks, guys.

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