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arohner September 13, 2019 12:41

Forcing Surface Export with VTK to be triangulated
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Hi All,

I have updated my openfoam version from of6 to of7 and encountered some issues with vtk surface files. In of6 I had triangulated files, which were very easy to handle in a python-vtk postprocessor. Now with of7 I get tri-, quad- and higher-polygons (see attachement: vtk_of6_of7.png). Is there a way to force openfoam to generate triangles?

I found a keyword "triangulate" (see code snippet) within the surface file and set this to "true" but had no effect.

Any idea how to get vtk's, which are always triangulated?


type            surfaces;
libs            ("");

writeControl    adjustableRunTime;
writeInterval  surfWriteIntervalVar;

surfaceFormat  vtk;
interpolationScheme cellPoint;

x (1 0 0);
y (0 1 0);
z (0 0 1);
origin (0 0 0);

    type        cuttingPlane;
    planeType    pointAndNormal;
        basePoint    $origin;
        normalVector $x;
    interpolate  true;
    triangulate  true;

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