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kauraajn November 25, 2019 17:26

Solver-specific global communicator
Hi all,

I am trying to run a multiscale application where one of my solvers is the scalar transport in OpenFOAM. To achieve the coupling between solvers, I found a library called MUI, which uses the multiple program multiple data mode of MPI to communicate between different solvers.

It is mandated by MUI that solvers should make no direct reference to MPI_COMM_WORLD for any of its own communications. Instead, a globally accessible MPI communicator must be defined to hold a solver-specific global communicator.

I do not have more than a bare-basic understanding of how MPI works, and would be really grateful if someone could help me with this. Thanks!

xpqiu November 25, 2019 23:06

This commits may help:

kauraajn November 26, 2019 10:59

Thank you xpqiu. I'll look into it

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