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JimVoul November 26, 2019 10:28

How to set (real) material properties?
Hello Openfoamers,

I would like to ask if there is any tutorial out there - cause i haven't found anything yet out there - or thread, considering the properties of material. From what i read the past weeks, everything considering wall functions lies on chapter 7 of OF manual ( 7.2 Turbulence models ), and from what i read in this forum, this has to do with friction (nut) and other parameters for turbulence models. I also read those links because i get that it has something to do with nutKRoughWallFunction or/and nutURoughWallFunction ("foamInfo wallFunction"). I noticed the tutorials of DTC hull and dam break with obstacles, but i am not sure this is what i am looking for.

For instance, i want to make a simple pipe which half of it would represent a specific material and the other half of it another one. Let s say half of it wall functions would work as if wall was made from metal, and next half of it a human's artery wall. And how could i figure for instance properties of endothilium? How could i represent properties like that?

If everything is about turbulence, where could i find the properties (parameters) of turbulence among various materials?

I also found in forum those links, yet, like i stated above, i am not sure it is what i am looking for.

Any help or advice is appreciated!

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