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nadaer12138 November 26, 2019 23:19

openfoam's libAcoustic and fft
I am major in acoustic with openfoam and i am a new openfoamer, now i am doing soemthing with a airfoil to plot its SPL,but when i run my case,i find the observers in libAcoustic can't do the fft,.
I hope someone who can help me!
Thank you very much ! \

lorenzotrevisan November 28, 2019 07:23

hi nadaer12138,
i have never used libAcoustic for acoustic simulation due its incompatibility with OpenFOAM-v7, but i used fft as You can see in the documentation:
This observation is not pertinent with the title of this forum, but i hope it can help anyway.
Best regards,

nadaer12138 November 28, 2019 07:34

Dear lorenzotrevisan:
Thanks for your replay. Could you have experience in using fft in openfoam,and if you have done someting by using fft in openfoam,could you give me your case to let me learn more!
Best wishes!

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