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Emiranda April 5, 2020 15:09

Error: bouyantSimpleFoam command not found
Hi everyone!
I'm new using OpenFOAM and ubuntu's terminals as well.
I've done simulations with IcoFoam and simpleFoam solvers, using the blockMesh dictionary and then tapping the solver command as you know. Actually, I'm trying to use the bouyantSimpleFoam solver and when I want to perform the simulation, the terminal sends me the following message:

"Command 'bouyantSimpleFoam' not found, did you mean:

command 'bouyantSimpleFoam' from deb openfoam

Try: sudo apt install <deb name>"

And that's my problem, I don't know what to do actually. Thanks in advance if somebody knows how to fix it.


Yann April 6, 2020 06:03

Hi Eduardo,

There is a typo in your command. The proper solver name is "buoyantSimpleFoam".

When you bump into the "command not found" error there are mostly two possibilities :
  • OpenFOAM environment is not sourced in your current session : you will not be able to use any of the OpenFOAM related commands.
  • OpenFOAM is properly sourced and you can use commands such as blockMesh or icoFoam. Then it means the command you are trying to use really does not exist. It might be misspelled, does not exist in the OpenFoam version you are using or maybe it has not been properly compiled.
When in doubt, you can always check the source code, especially the applications directory where you should find every solver and utilities available in your version.


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