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bergantz September 29, 2008 14:25

I am confused by the various O
I am confused by the various OpenFOAM training opportunities- Gocompute lists an opportunity in New York in Nov. 2008, but it seems that hpctraining is now doing OpenFOAM training with no USA locations currently scheduled. The openfoam-training website doesn't provide info.

Can someone please clarify? Thank you very much.

hjasak September 29, 2008 15:41

There are several organisation
There are several organisations offering OpenFOAM training. The one in USA will be presented by myself (Hrvoje Jasak) and in collaboration betweek Wikki Ltd. and Gompute. It will be hosted in the IBM Research Centre at Pallisades - I hope the rest is clear from the leaflets.


bergantz September 29, 2008 17:11

Thank you for the clarificatio
Thank you for the clarification. I think these intro courses are useful and important opportunities to build the user base. I have been encouraging the MFIX team to do this kind of thing (I am an MFIX user). BTW I am planning to go to the one in New York, see you there!

vishal September 29, 2008 22:37

waht about courses offered in
waht about courses offered in india...r there any openfoam cources offered in india

OpenFOAM discussion board administrator September 30, 2008 12:12

OpenFOAM Training Courses 2009
OpenFOAM Training Courses 2009

OpenCFD and SGI have published dates in early 2009 for their OpenFOAM Foundation and Advanced Training Courses.

Courses will be held at SGI training centres in Reading, UK; Munich, Germany; Silver Spring, MA, USA; and, Sunnyvale, CA, USA.

Courses are delivered by OpenCFD, the producers of OpenFOAM.

For further information about courses and schedules, go to:

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