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ivan_cozza September 16, 2008 03:24

I have a suestion on how to ou
I have a suestion on how to output on file.
I'm coding an application that reproduce a turbulent fluctuation in each cell of a mesh with an analytical spectrum function. Now, I want to test my spectrum function so I need to output on a file the value of k and E(k) in each cell, where k is a wave number and E(k) the spectrum. k and E(k) are vectors , so for each cell I have:

k E(k)

a1 b1
a2 b2
a3 b3
... etc

How can I have this on a file? I can't define k and E(k) as a geometricField, as they not have one value for each cell but several values for each cell.

Thank you!

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