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mirko August 11, 2008 14:35

Hello, I apologize for this

I apologize for this off-topic question, but not being an expert in Navier Stokes numerical simulation I am having trouble resolving the following issue.

From Patankar & Spaldings book one gets the impression that the power scheme for the coefficients of the convection&diffusion problems affords a large grid spacing.

But reading the newer books (Ferziger & Peric or Oran & Boris), I did not find the discussion of this approach. Ferziger & Peric on p. 64 seem to disparage methods that are based on addressing the pure convection/diffusion problem.

I assume that these gentlemen know much more about the subject than I do and have very good reasons for skipping the Patankar/Spalding scheme.

Can someone please point me to some references that discuss the downside of their scheme?

Thank you,


mirko August 13, 2008 12:07

Just in case anyone else wonde
Just in case anyone else wonders about the same questions, I found answers on, in particular pointing to the following article:

title={{Why you should not use `hybrid', `power-law' or related exponential schemes for convective modelling--there are much better alternatives}},
author = {Leonard, BP and Drummond, JE},
journal = {International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids},
volume = {20},
pages = {421--442},
year = {1995}

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