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kar July 29, 2008 17:05

Hello, maybe I can find here
maybe I can find here someone, who has compared performances of some AMD Athlon / P4-HT / Intel core2 duo / AMD Phenom / Xeon CPUs in single workstation mode? I am pretty interested in those results and maybe this thread could collect some?!

One of computing cases used for that could be icoFoam case, just a little modified (make sure to copy original one from tutorials; I used 1.4.1):

endTime 25;
writeInterval 5001;

If clustering is not a concern, those results could help choosing a workstation for people, who intend to use FOAM for low-budget learning purposes...

My result with Pentium-M 1.7GHz:
ExecutionTime = 13.87 s ClockTime = 40 s
However, ClockTime shouldn't be that different... At least, wasn't with P4 and Athlon X2.

Well, you are welcome here...
Regards, Kārlis

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