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miliante July 17, 2008 15:33

Hello openFoam developers!!!
Hello openFoam developers!!!

I am creating a simple GUI to easy the input of internal and boundary conditions for openFoam in GTK/VTK.

vtk is very simple to use, but incorporating the Foam data to it is driving me crazy.

To add a STL geometry, it is as simple as:

vtkSTLReader * reader = vtkSTLReader::New();
reader->SetFileName ("ship.stl"); //param: char * filename

But not for vtkFoam. Does anyone know how to do that? The program is almost complete, I just want to visualize the mesh and show the boundary conditions, so some people not "familiar" with the command line can use it here.



bertram July 17, 2008 15:52

>But not for vtkFoam. Does any
>But not for vtkFoam. Does anyone know how to do that?

Do *what*? What is your question?

You can visualize your mesh with paraFoam and set your input data with FoamX. No need to use the command line. Though I doubt that anybody who doesn't understand shell commands will have any success with OpenFoam

miliante July 22, 2008 16:24

Well, I understand I can visua
Well, I understand I can visualize the mesh with paraFoam, I do that. FoamX is anything but user friendly. I decided to make my own preFoam. So far so good, I just cant see the mesh. I noticed that there are vtkFoam libraries available and I would like to learn how to use them, if possible.

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