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srinath June 13, 2008 05:45

Hello I understand the clas

I understand the class hierarchy diagrams in Doxygen, but what is a collabaration diagram?

Could someone explain this or point me to a link online


mbeaudoin June 13, 2008 12:08

Hello, A collaboration diag

A collaboration diagram gives a view of the relationship between objects.

You can see the class hierarchy or inheritance diagram as a "who's my daddy" view.

You can see the collaboration diagram as a "who's my friends" view.

To learn more about these concepts, try to find an introduction book on UML (Unified Modeling Language), or on Object Orientation modeling.

Using Google, you will find tons of references about this.


mbeaudoin June 13, 2008 12:11

Little mistake: Object-Orie
Little mistake:

Object-Oriented Modeling, not Object Orientation modeling....


dahicke November 10, 2011 02:35

Not true UML Collabaration diagrams
I was just looking at these diagrams and they are not collabaration diagrams. They are just another class diagram shows more association (aggregation and composition) relationships.

Collaboration diagrams (see: show objects and the message passing sequence similar to a Sequence Diagram (see:
In the current version of UML 2.x, Collaboration Diagrams are now called Communication Diagrams.

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