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dmoroian May 29, 2008 04:26

Hello everybody, I had some p
Hello everybody,
I had some problems with the search function of this forum. Searching for strings that I was sure they exist didn't bring anything. All the time I thought it was me and my bad memory.
But now I have an example:
Searching for this->db() constantly returns: Your search did not match any messages or pages on this board. But this post this->db() has the right string.
This is rather disturbing since no one knows how many meaningful posts I loose in a search like this.

Anyone has experienced similar issues?


msrinath80 June 1, 2008 19:09

Dragos, I solved this problem
Dragos, I solved this problem a long time ago. The answer is quite simple. All you have to do is open another tab in firefox and goto and type the following:

"this->db()" openfoam

Then hit 'Search'. That's all :-)

Remember the quotes is necessary when searching for this->db() as a phrase.

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