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alberto March 10, 2008 09:06

Hello, looking around the d

looking around the discussion board, I noticed that many users are registered without an e-mail, which is equivalent to no possibilities to contact them directly.

Considering that this should be a community, and that we should at least try to help each others, I think it would be a good idea to require a valid address AND to publish it or make it accessible to registered users.


mattijs March 10, 2008 15:55

There have been non-CFD users
There have been non-CFD users (to put it kindly) who applied to register. Fortunately they / their bots did not complete the registration. If they do they will have access to email addresses.

My opinion would be for people to decide themselves.

alberto March 11, 2008 13:48

I'm sorry to hear of these iss
I'm sorry to hear of these issues.

I agree that it's not without risks, and that it might be annoying for someone to be contacted by other users (read: I received a mountain of questions).

It was an idea (not easy to implement to avoid spammers) to improve the possibilities of communicating.

Probably a good alternative would be to have an "internal" message box, like in forums, but this would require to replace the discussion board software, which seems more painful to me.

With kind regards,

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