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mike_jaworski February 24, 2008 02:12

hello all, I've written tw
hello all,
I've written two tutorials in the openFoam wiki. I'm still relatively new and maybe these are not so interesting tutorials, but they covered topics I had no real clue about when I first approached OpenFOAM, so maybe they will help someone else as well.

The first is how to add temperature to icoFoam so it can solve thermal transport, though I tried to go into enough detail that any other scalar could be added.

The second tutorial is meant to follow the first and it deals with benchmarking the new solver against an analytical solution (Blasius flat-plate flow).

Of the two, I'm happier with the first at the moment, probably because I had more time with it. I don't have my fluid mechanics book handy, so I couldn't go into all the detail I meant to describing the Blasius solution, but hopefully you'll have already seen it in your introductory fluid mechanics courses or the like.

Please feel free to make it better by testing, adding, editing etc or suggesting improvements.

Mike J.

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