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gschaider May 25, 2005 11:04

Hi! Thanks for the response

Thanks for the responses concerning the Wiki ( So far they were good, so I'm moving on with that.

From a technical point of view everything is in place. This means:

- the URL won't change anymore
- the problem with pages having timeouts should be solved
- the rendering of formulas works
- files can be uploaded

What doesn't work is everything that has to do with the Wiki sending mail (sending forgotten passwords). I'll have to drill a hole in our firewall for that.

I'll write the Guidelines for submitting stuff by next week. When this is done I will declare the Wiki as being open to the public. One topic in the Guidlines will be "How To Name My Stuff In Order To Avoid Clashes" (the reason for this becomes clear if we think about a filename "velocity.jpg" or a page name "MySolver").

If you want to, you can create yourself an account with the Wiki (2 people have already done so: A big "Hello" to you)

Those who want to comment on the Wiki, propose changes etc can do so at the discussion pages (each page in the Wiki has one).

If there are any problems please contact me (EMail can be found in the User-Profile on this message board)

gschaider May 31, 2005 16:52

Hello! The Guidelines for t

The Guidelines for the Wiki are written (they may be extended a bit). So I declare the Wiki to be officially opened.

I'll start adding content in the next day and so can anyone who's interested.

The next things I'll work on are:
- adding some content to the FAQ
- insert some example content in every section

Something that I'd be most interested in would be a contribution to entions from the guys who are involved with OpenFOAM. I noticed that the code has a rather consistent style and I was wondering if you have any written document about that?

Comments/Suggestions/Complaints are most welcome.

alberto June 1, 2005 02:43

Thank you for your work Bernha
Thank you for your work Bernhard.

I have some problem to log in however. I created my account, but when I try to log in again after the log out, I'm addressed to a blank page.


henry June 1, 2005 03:10

> I noticed that the code has
> I noticed that the code has a rather consistent style and I was wondering if you have any written document about that?

As far as possible I have implemented and encouraged the use of a consistent style. Some of these style elements go back to the earliest days of FOAM 1989-1990 when I was working with Charlie Hill who was studing GUI development, but most have evolved and been tuned since. I am not entirely happy with all the coding conventions or layout styles that I have settled for but I think consistency is more important than small localised improvments so unless we are prepared to make such changes throught the code we probably shouldn't make them. I have made a couple of coding convention changes consistently throught the code for the 1.2, and these I will document in the release notes. Such changes are very time consuming to make given the current size of this project but I considered these to be important enough to warrant the effort.

So far we have not wirtten documentation for the coding style and conventions but we have released scripts which create templates for new classes and applications which conform, e.g.

foamNew H newClass
foamNew C newClass
foamNew IO newClass
foamNew I newClass
foamNew App newApp

We intend to extend this principle further by writing scripts to create templates for new run-time selectable modules e.g. boundary-conditions, thermophysical models, turbulence models etc. etc. but we haven't had time so far and have decided to make these and documentation of the coding style and conventions part of the programmers guide which we will start writing as soon as we find sponsorship for this work.

gschaider June 1, 2005 04:12

@Alberto: Could you try again?
@Alberto: Could you try again? The time of your posting matches the time at which the our Webserver got updated (without my knowledge) which broke the Wiki (which had a downtime of 2 hours. Not a good start)

@Henry: May I cite your answer on the relevant page?

henry June 1, 2005 04:25

Sure, you can transfer anythin
Sure, you can transfer anything from the discussion forum to the Wiki as you consider appropriate.

alberto June 1, 2005 04:25

I tried just now. The system t
I tried just now. The system tells me the password is wrong. I tried to obtain a new one, but I don't receive the e-mail.


mattijs June 1, 2005 04:37

@Alberto: I logged in just now
@Alberto: I logged in just now without any problems.

There was some delay in receiving my passwd though.


gschaider June 1, 2005 05:12

The EMail-feature is still sub
The EMail-feature is still subject to change (we're moving to a more secure mailer), but should be finalized today. I'll post it here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

alberto June 1, 2005 05:19

No problem. Thank you Bernhard
No problem. Thank you Bernhard.


alberto June 1, 2005 10:19

Everything's working fine now.
Everything's working fine now. Ty again.


gschaider June 1, 2005 10:32

Mail works now. So the Wiki is
Mail works now. So the Wiki is fully operational and I can concentrate on content (and everyone else can start adding).

If you have any problems with the Wiki please contact me by EMail (we don't want to polute the message board with that)

alberto June 25, 2005 19:18

Hello! Is the wiki down? I

Is the wiki down? I get a "Refused connection" answer from my browser.


gschaider June 28, 2005 08:33

Sorry we had a thunderstorm la
Sorry we had a thunderstorm last saturday as a result the webserver was rebooted twice. The second time he decided it wasn't worth the effort and decided to switch off (and stayed so because nobody was in the office).

It's running now.

gschaider January 5, 2006 13:26

My major activity with the Wik
My major activity with the Wiki in the last two months was to remove spam that was added by SpamBots. As a result I installed an extension that analyzes the behaviour of clients accessing the Wiki and blocking bots. It seems to be successful (no spam was added since then).

The only problem is that it is possible in rare cases that this extension mistakes a regular user with a SpamBot and blocks him (sad but true: it happened to me because my RSS-Reader seems to be badly programmed).

So if anyone gets locked out of the Wiki by mistake, please contact me and I'll try to find a solution.

gschaider February 2, 2006 07:33

Hello! At The Workshop in Z

At The Workshop in Zagreb two suggestions were made which are now implemented:

- Pages for Special Interest Groups (SIG). The starting page for that can be found at terest_Groups
I have already added pointers to the groups for which interest was articulated during the Workshop. If you think a SIG is missing and you want to contribute, feel free to add it. For the structure of the SIG-pages I have no idea and will rely on the creativity of the people in these SIGs.

- Tagging information for OpenFOAM releases: It was suggested to me that the information on the Wiki should carry an indication for which versions of OpenFOAM they are relevant (for instance some of the utilities I posted don't compile with 1.1 and this isn't notified on their pages; shame on me) Now I've introduced a category for every version of OpenFOAM. To tag the page for version 1.1 add the Templates {{VersionInfo}}{{Version1.1}} to the start of the page. This adds a Version Icon to the page and adds the page to the correct category.

PS: I mentioned in this thread the Spam-Bot-Filter working on the Wiki and the possibility that legitimate users might be locked out. I now got a report by one user that this happened to him. If it happens to you please contact me and I'll try to find a solution. (Removing the filter is not an option because I don't want to spend the whole day removing links to porn-sites from the wiki)

francois March 24, 2006 18:20

Just an idea ... yes sometimes
Just an idea ... yes sometimes I have some ...

Is there a simple and automatic way to create a pdf file of the Wiki site every n days ? If this file is available for download, we will be able to print it for reading without printing each page of the Wiki site...

Perhaps this could made a good paper reference/documentation for newbies like me !


gschaider June 27, 2006 06:24

The server known to the world
The server known to the world as will cease to exist some time in the next 6 months. To ease the transition of the Wiki we have aquired the domain which is now pointing to the same Wiki as

Advantage ist that the URLs become a lot shorter ( becomes
Disadvantage is that I'll have to ask everyone with Bookmarks and Links to the Wiki to change them accordingly (Don't know what to do about the references on the MessageBoard)

Until the old address disappears both addresses will point to the same database (so changes made under the old name won't be lost)

mattijs June 29, 2006 12:53

I changed all the message boar
I changed all the message board Wiki refs to point to the new address (by hand so there might be some mistakes - please let me know)

gschaider June 29, 2006 16:53

@Mattijs: Thanks. I'll try whe
@Mattijs: Thanks. I'll try whether I find problems. (But I think I won'T)

@all the others: One of the problemes is that leting two domains point to the same Wiki leads to some strange results (something related to the problems of caches on SMP-machines. Similar, but not the same). I hope I fixed that problem for the new address (but I'm afraid not totally for the old address, it was not intended, but it should speed up the transition ;) )

(to make a long story short: some people using the openfoamwiki-address will experience URLs that have parts saying /non_cdl/OpenFOAMWiki which are surplus to requirements but give the correct results. For the old address things are more complicated (and not as easily fixable) )

Sorry. I should have tested that stuff more before making it public

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