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braennstroem February 8, 2008 05:08

Hi everybody, I am looking
Hi everybody,

I am looking for some presentations about openfoam. So far I know of the conference presentation, Hrjove's publications, some presentation of Chalmers and Milan ( and the last workshop presentations. Last week I found pretty long presentation about openfoam, but lost it due to a crash and can't find it anymore :-(

Maybe a stupid question, but would be nice, if anyone knows of a presentation with a slight yellow background and could post the link? Links for other presentations are nice as well...


hjasak February 8, 2008 05:38

You can find some of my slides
You can find some of my slides in:

There is some repetition, but knowing the subject this is unavoidable... No yellowish background though.


braennstroem February 8, 2008 06:24

Hi Hrvoje, Sorry for misspell
Hi Hrvoje,
Sorry for misspelling your name.

It was a pretty large presentation with about 50 to 70 slides, beginning with an introduction about openfoam. I am not sure anymore, but I think, that I found the presentation, when googleing for finite volume methods for structural analysis or adjoint methods...

By the way, are there any drawbacks or limitations of the finite volume method for structural analysis compared to finite element? The most commercial structure codes are using fem!?


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