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kar February 5, 2008 12:46

Hello, can you estimate how

can you estimate how much time it would take to create a solution for following problem:

By putting AC on induction coil, a metal in crucible inside it is melted. Induction coil, crucible and molten metal geometries are known (axisymmetric).
It is necessary to calculate only average magnetic induction and electric field from where static magnetic forces and heat sources can be expressed.

Since metal density ro = ro(T) and flow is turbulent, buoyantFoam should be modified to include heat sources and magnetic field forces.
As for the magnetic and electric field, situation seams to be worse - that requires to write solver from scratch (correct me if I'm wrong).
Of course, all the meshing is neccessary to do.
After doing transient calculation, results must be averaged.

Assuming, that all the necessary theory is known, how much time this would require for somebody well trained in OpenFOAM?

Thank you!

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