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david_flo1 January 21, 2008 23:04

Hello world! After what I b
Hello world!

After what I believe was a successful compilation of OpenFOAM and Paraview, I get the following error when trying to run FoamX

/home/bernardo/OpenFOAM/OpenFOAM-1.4.1/bin/runFoamXHB: 139: FoamXHostBrowser: not found
runFoamXHB : cleanup
runFoamXHB: Killing name server nsd(pid 27947).

I spent over a week trying to get the compilation right, finally made it and now this is any advise is greatly appreciated.

Running Edubuntu 7.1 on a PIV PC, gcc 4.2.1, binutils 2.18.

Thanks in advace

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