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mike_jaworski January 12, 2008 02:32

Hi, I've recently been exp
I've recently been exploring the distributed networking options of OpenFOAM and I have three questions:

1. does anyone have a firewall setup that works with openMPI stuff? I'm hesitant to shut the firewall off, but I don't know the steps to setting it up correctly (using OpenSUSE 10.3).

2. What sort of speed-up has anyone seen with bproc stuff? any? is it worth it?

3. The manual seems a little scant on how to set up the cases for distributed vs. non. if I have 2 dual-core processors on 2 computers, how many root directories do I specify, or, if they're the same, is this even needed? Also, what is the speed-up, if any, of choosing distributed computing?

With regards to 3, I'd be happy to test this on my own, but when I set distributed yes, roots 2 ( /home/mjaworsk/..../interFOAM
/home/....same....) interFOAM yelled at me with improper syntax on those lines. what does it really want there? when I set it to "no", it ran fine across both computers.

Thanks for any help on these,

mattijs January 14, 2008 07:01

3. per process in your paralle
3. per process in your parallel run you'll have to specify a directory. So e.g. mpirun -np 4 means you need 4 roots. Even if all processes are on the same processor or core or whatever.

mike_jaworski January 14, 2008 11:46

Hi Mattijs, Thanks for th
Hi Mattijs,
Thanks for the note. I added all four lines and I had been missing some quotation marks. It's running now.

Thank you much.

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