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bastil December 1, 2007 17:33

Hi group, I got some intere
Hi group,

I got some interesting inspirations from this:

I am wondering about two thinks:

Henry gave some interesting details about commerial use of OpenFOAM. He talked about aeurodynamic applications. I am working in a simular field and would e intetested in learning more about that: What solver (simpleFoam?), who uses it, what about some feature like rotating wall bc missing in simplefoam? Maybe Henry can give me some details?

Another one is the presentation from Marc Olesen. He talked about interaction with STAR, another topic of me. He mentioned some well known tools like ccmToFoam, some "inofficial" stuff like star4toFoam (can be found in this forum) but also about few tools I never heard about, e.g. FoamToCCM. Maybe someone knows more about these tools?


fumiya October 7, 2012 06:42

Mesh Conversion(OpenFOAM-->STAR-CCM+)

I would like to know about the utility "foamToCcm" on page 19
of the document written by Dr. Mark Olesen:

I have to convert OpenFOAM mesh directly to STAR-CCM+ mesh(.ccm).
I know there is the utility ccm26ToFoam that does the opposite but
I have no idea about the foamToCcm utility that I think could realize
my objective.

Where could I find this utility?
Is it possible to make my program that converts OpenFOAM mesh to
CCM+ mesh even though I don't know the format of the CCM file.

Thank you in advance.

wyldckat October 7, 2012 15:08

Greetings Fumiya,

I was thinking of moving your post to a new thread, but I guess it would be best to try and close the history on this thread, since the original question wasn't answered either.

OK, since I don't have any proof, I can only share my deductions:
  1. This specific presentation was made by Mark Olesen and at the time he seemed to be working for EMCON Technologies. He might shine more light on this subject if and when he can ;)
  2. Since this presentation was made with the EMCON badge, this somewhat implies that these specific utilities (ccmToFoam, foamToCcm and ccmToEnsight) were made available only by EMCON to their clients.
  3. ccm26ToFoam was added to OpenFOAM in version 1.4, around the same time (2007) of this presentation.
  4. Therefore, it's plausible that ccm26ToFoam developed by or provided to OpenCFD, while the others were developed by/for EMCON and not made available to the general public. This can be done, given that the GNU Public License contemplates this permission, i.e. you don't have to always to share your code, except to the people to whom you provide binaries of said code.
  5. From past experience and from what I've read on this forum:
    • ccm26ToFoam is almost a proof-of-concept utility, because the mesh conversion isn't always perfect or doesn't take into account the many cell possibilities/combinations that Star-CCM+ can handle.
    • foamMeshToFluent can be used to generate a mesh file that Star-CCM+ can read.
So to conclude: 2007 was a long time ago now and is time to move onward and use the technology we currently have :cool:

Best regards,

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