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evan August 30, 2006 17:15

Hi. So, I was wondering, is t
Hi. So, I was wondering, is there a formal treatment of each of the classes written up somewhere in the mathematical sense, tying into the finite volume method? So, for example, a nice paper I've been reading is this: ik.uni-f 2Ffinvol_script.pdf&ei=-QP2RPm lDaCCqQKukLS9Ag&sig2=5iGFGxGIEqt5ncXWX2Zxaw#search =%22finite%20volume%20methods% 20foundation%22

which i would recommend for beginners, such as myself Has anyone put together something along these lines for the entire class library? An, or, if not, is there a thorough and relatively complete treatment of these systems (even just what all is known about FVM) in a book or article somewhere that somebody might recommend?


msrinath80 August 31, 2006 22:49

Ferziger and Peric?
Ferziger and Peric?

billy September 1, 2006 00:37

Yeah. Also have a look at some
Yeah. Also have a look at some thesis related with OpenFOAM.

evan November 5, 2007 13:52

Great. Thanks! Does anybod
Great. Thanks!

Does anybody have a suggestion on a paper discussing, in particular, the compressible and MHD solvers in Openfoam?


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