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hoogland October 14, 2007 21:40

Hi everyone, As part of the
Hi everyone,

As part of the effort to inform my company about OpenFOAM one of things I promised was to get some feedback from other serious OpenFOAM users to give a sense of where/how its being used. I'd really appreciate if others could get back to me within the next couple of days if possible

Don't be shy, it would be really great if users from big, recognised companies could rustle up the nerve to help out, but anyone is welcome Please email me directly if you'd prefer not to broadcast. I'll start the ball rolling...

"At BMT WBM we have been funded by the Australian Coal Associates Research Program (ACARP) to model coal dust explosions related to safety in underground coal mining. We had experienced difficulties getting results using a leading general purpose CFD package (which was good software, just that it was a "black box") and funding was at risk. Fortunately ACARP supported us in trying out OpenFOAM. After meeting with OpenCFD in the UK, we engaged them to develop the new lagrangian solvers required, which also greatly assisted in the early miles on the road to someday mastering the OpenFOAM code. The results have been very encouraging, the tool gives us vastly more control over our physical models (we can finally start thinking about the actual problem more than worrying about limitations with the modelling tool!), we have been forced to understand the underlying physics and computational aspects more thoroughly and further funding has been secured. OpenFOAM opens up for us a new way of supporting clients, and OpenCFD have been outstanding. Among many other things, you also notice the difference in the quality of support you can get freely from the user community."

Jason Hoogland
Mechanical Engineer
BMT WBM, Brisbane, Australia

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