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hemph June 14, 2006 11:54

Hi, I am trying to interpolat
I am trying to interpolate the curl of the velocity field to some points in my domain.

I do
vectorField rotU = fvc::curl(U_);

rotUInterpolator_ =

The specific type of interpolation is read from the interpolationSchemes_ dictionary. To get the name OF chooses for this property, I start my case without specifying the inerpolation scheme. I then
recieve the message:
--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR : keyword (2**skew(grad(U))) is undefined in dictionary

But when I put this name into the dictionary, the code will not run, but complains about a missing parameter in another dictionary file. (It is definitely not missing!)

The dictionary parser does not seem to like having a property name as 2**skew(grad(U)). How can I get around this problem?

Best regards
Rasmus Hemph

sek September 24, 2007 15:46

Have you found workaround for
Have you found workaround for this?

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