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jaswi September 13, 2007 08:37

Dear Developers Sorry to b
Dear Developers

Sorry to bother you for some basic questions. although they might seem quite trivial to the experienced OpenFOAMers :-) but I request you to explain them.

1) List<type> is a 1D construct and when instantiated for <type> leads to a List of scalar, vector, tensor etc. The Field<type> is inherited from List<type> and is a 1D construct as well. Please explain how does the two differ conceptually. Both List<type> and Field<type> have some constructors in common, for example:

for List<type>

// Constructors
//- Null constructor.
inline List();
//- Construct with given size.
explicit List(const label);
//- Construct with given size and value for all elements.
List(const label, const T&);

For Field<type>


//- Construct given size
// Used for temporary fields which are initialised after construction
explicit Field(const label);

//- Construct given size and initial value
Field(const label, const Type&);

further for class Field<type> constructors then we have various option using mapping between two fields.

2) Further DimensionedField<> builds upon Field<> and dimensionSet but I did not understand how does GeoMesh works. is DimensionedField<> a 1D construct as well. Does it already contains the mesh information and data for the Field<type> associated with it. And with respect to mesh info, does it contains boundaryMesh info as well.

3) Further GeometricField is build upon DimensionField and contains GeometricBoundaryField. Is GeometricField still a 1D construct?.

With respect to GeometricBoundaryField I am unable to understand FieldField<patchfield,>. What does PatchField corresponds to ?.

Please throw some light on this.I thank you in advance.

With Best Regards

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