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lasb July 31, 2007 09:47

Hi, In the turbFoam.C file

In the turbFoam.C file under // Momentum predictor there is a line which says:

+ turbulence->divR(U)

What does that mean? Or where can I read about it? It hasn't been possible for me to find it in the OpenFOAM guide. Furthermore there is a minus in front of some equalitysigns. How do I interpret that?

I really hope that someone can help me.



hjasak July 31, 2007 10:21

What you are looking at is the
What you are looking at is the contribution of the turbulence model to the momentum equation, which comes in (its most general) matrix form.

Have a look at the k-epsilon model code to see what's in there, it should be clear (basically a laplacian with nu_t + nu_l).



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