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rafal June 7, 2007 06:03

Just out of curiosity. Did a
Just out of curiosity.
Did anyone tried mosix with OpenFOAM?

Mosix is a kernel patch that enables you to
connect computer cluster which is later recognised
as one computer with processors and memory that
are in whole cluster. So if you have 10 computer
cluster later it will be seen as one SMP computer
with 10 processors.

anyone any experience?
anyone any comparison with MPI?

gschaider June 11, 2007 07:48

Hi Rafal! We once had MOSIX
Hi Rafal!

We once had MOSIX on our cluster, but removed it (for reasons given below):

a) you will still need MPI (you also need MPI on an SMP-machine, MOSIX makes your cluster "look like" an SMP-machine. Q.E.D.) So you save no overhead here
b) we had problems when one process of a parallel run was migrated (not so surprising if you think about it) so we removed it
c) MOSIX is a nice concept if you have a lot of serial-processes, but for CFD-computations I would go for a cluster-software with a decent Queue-manager (ROCKS-cluster for instance)


rafal June 11, 2007 08:17

Bernard thanks for your reply.
Bernard thanks for your reply.
I have an access to a small cluster with new and
old computers. I was thinking about the most
equilibrated load across all computers by using
Mosix. Not to have situation in which new computers
wait 90% of time for old ones. But after further
reading I think for this the best is PBS options and reasonably decomposed domain.

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