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hjasak January 9, 2007 20:18

Wikki Ltd. and Faculty of Me
Wikki Ltd. and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FSB), University of Zagreb, Croatia announce the

Second OpenFOAM Workshop

to be held in Zagreb Croatia, 7-9/Jun/2007.

Following the success of the First OpenFOAM Workshop last year, this year's event aims to reflect the increased popularity of OpenFOAM. The Workshop will concentrate on four main topics:
  • Turbomachinery Simulations With OpenFOAM, hosted by Hydro Quebec
  • Coupled Simulations and Fluid-Structure Interaction, hosted by University of Zagreb and University College Dublin
  • OpenFOAM for Internal Combustion Engine Simulations, Combustion and Spray, hosted by Politecnico di Milano
  • OpenFOAM on Windows and Mac OS X, hosted by ICE Stromungsforschung GmbH and University of Leoben

For the benefit of new OpenFOAM users, two training sessions will accompany the Workshop. Training will be delivered by Hrvoje Jasak of Wikki Ltd. and FSB Zagreb, the original OpenFOAM developer.

The event will be held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ivana Lucica 5, Zagreb, Croatia. For further details, including Announcement for Contributions and registration details please visit the Workshop web site or contact the organizer.

Hope to see you all in Zagreb,


hjasak April 16, 2007 06:31

OpenFOAM Workshop: registratio
OpenFOAM Workshop: registration reminder

Dear All,

The plans for the Second OpenFOAM Workshop are being finalised at the moment and on its web site you can find the titles and abstracts from various contributors. Final timetable will follow probably next week.

Currently, there is about around 40 people registered and the deadline for registration is nearing (1/May/2007).

If you are interested in attending, please drop me an E-mail on For those interested in attending training sessions, please mention so in your E-mail. Remember: first-come-first-served and places are limited.

Zagreb is very nice in June and next year we will be elsewhere :-) so use it while you can.



hjasak May 28, 2007 09:09

Dear All, The final timetab
Dear All,

The final timetable for the Second OpenFOAM Workshop is now in place. May I remind everyone to check their slots and inform me by E-mail as soon as possible in case of conflicts.

There will be a CD-ROM with all presentations and abstracts assembled after the conference. In order to help with the postage, please bring a business card (or a paper with your mailing address) to registration.

For session organisers: I would be grateful if you could check what I've done to various sessions and timing and please let me know if I've made a mess.

Training Sessions are planned for lunch-time on 7th and 8th June. Please plan for it: bring a computer (I've got only 8!), and maybe a sandwich.

Looking forward to meeting you all in Zagreb,


egp May 29, 2007 05:29

Hrv, Concerning computers a

Concerning computers and the training sessions, which version of OpenFOAM are you planning to use?


hjasak May 29, 2007 08:09

Concerning computers and the t

Concerning computers and the training sessions, which version of OpenFOAM are you planning to use?
Either or both, depending on last minute decisions about relative buggyness. Changes between 1.3 and 1.4 are too small to notice anything significant for basic training. Playing it safe would be the patched-up version of 1.3 that I release from time to time; if you can deal with some problems and missing functionality in 1.4 (e.g. surface tracking, tet motion solvers, finite area), you're welcome to it. There is a chance that a merged up version of 1.4 + bug fixes will be ready as well, but that needs validating. In any case, whichever (recent) version of OpenFOAM you bring, you'll be fine.


hjasak June 10, 2007 13:33

Dear All, Thank you for att
Dear All,

Thank you for attending and contributing to the Second OpenFOAM Workshop. Links to abstracts and slides ahev been added to appropriate places - please report or send me missing presentations or let me know if some links are broken.

Looking forward to meeting you for the Third OpenFOAM Workshop in Italy in 2008.

Nice meeting you all,


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