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Erik March 16, 2007 10:29

Hi everyone! I want to incor
Hi everyone!
I want to incorporate a new fluid model to openFOAM which handles the free volume around each gaseous molecule, and that this free microscopic volume around each particle is linked to macroscopic variables such as the density of the fluid.

The reason for this new description is that it lets a new convective form of transport arise, which is due purely to macroscopic expansion or compression.

The solver should therefor handle the following set of hydrodynamic equations:

-particle continuity, conservation of matter (in a continous manner)

-mass-density continuity, evolution of density as a thermodynamic parameter.

-momentum continuity
-energy continuity

After some research it seems difficult to incorporate this to one of tee pre-made solvers. My thaught is therefor to make a new solver based on simultaneous algorithms.

first: Does such a solver sound unreasonable (could it be done)?
second: How do I construct a simultaneous algorithm? (can I just write each of the continuity equations followed by solve. And then Use Jacobis method as in icoFoam for example?

many thanks

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