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shuo September 20, 2006 01:51

Hi guys, I am supposed to u
Hi guys,

I am supposed to use OpenFOAM for my PhD but it is progressing very slowly. I was wondering if there is any people using OpenFOAM in Melbourne(around Monash Clayton campus)


coops September 20, 2006 17:31

Hi Shuo, I am also meant to
Hi Shuo,

I am also meant to be using OpenFOAM for my PhD project and I am also finding progress to be a little slow. I am studying at La Trobe University in Bundoora, Melbourne. I am not too sure how much help I can be but I am happy to try. However, if there is an experienced OpenFOAM user in melbourne who is willing to assist I am also interested.



shuo September 21, 2006 02:27

Hi Shaun What are you using
Hi Shaun

What are you using OpenFOAM for. I am using it to simulate the cold spray process. Basically the flow travels through a supersonic nozzle and impinges on a perpendicular wall. The coating particles are accelerated through the nozzle and after impingement deposits a layer of coating.


coops September 24, 2006 20:01

Hi Shuo, I am using openFOA
Hi Shuo,

I am using openFOAM to simulate flows in the Earth's thermosphere. I am interested in the interactions between the ion convection and the neutral winds. There is only a one-way coupling between these two fields with the ion convection not being affected by the neutral winds. How far have you been able to get in your modelling? Feel free to email me, as I check that more often: shaunlcooper at gmail dot com


marhamat October 7, 2006 04:02

Hi everyone I want to simul
Hi everyone

I want to simulate flows with microbubble.
How i reach to basic knowledge in this field?
How much is the ability of OpenFoam in this case?
Are anyone interested in two phase flows?


gschaider October 9, 2006 10:26

Hi Marhamat! No idea what t
Hi Marhamat!

No idea what the definition of a microbubble is. But if it is what I think (too small to be resolved by the grid, too big to be treated as a species) you can think of it as a particle with a density lower than that of the fluid. That could be done with the lagrangian model in OF. Problem is that the only ready-made solver that uses this model is dieselFoam and that is a bit of an overkill for anything except diesel-combustion.

in_flu_ence February 24, 2007 11:26

I am interested in learning an
I am interested in learning and using that for multiphase flow models. Things on phase inversion and stuff. Any help on that?

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