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hsieh April 6, 2005 15:55

HI, I have some knowledge i

I have some knowledge in MS Visual C++. It have a nice GUI. Once a project is open, all classes and functions are there. Is there anything similar under Linux/C++? How do I find something like mesh.updateTopology() in OpenFOAM for example?



hjasak April 6, 2005 16:06

foamsrc find . -type f -nam

find . -type f -name "*.[CH]" -exec grep "::updateTopology()" {} \; -print

henry April 6, 2005 16:10

Have you tried searching the D
Have you tried searching the Doxygen documentation? It is supplied with the release but is also accessible from the openfoam web site with the search-engine setup.

gschaider April 7, 2005 05:04

You could try KDevelop (I don'
You could try KDevelop (I don't use it myself; I've only tried to import the OF-sources and that seems to work). It has a built class browser. My experience is that Class browsers (including the one in Visual C++) have problems if templates are used in a non-trivial way, but your milage may vary.

An alternative (for browsing the code) could be to import the sources on a Windows-Machine into Visual C++.

hsieh April 7, 2005 08:37

Hi, Thanks for all the tips

Thanks for all the tips.

I did try to use doxygen. Sometimes, I was not able to find what I was looking for - I am not use to it yet.

Hi, Bernhard, I am going to give KDevelop a try. I also have MS Visual C++ on my laptop, so, I will also give this a try. The question is: is there a top level project of OpenFOAM that I can open?


gschaider April 7, 2005 10:12

When I tried KDevelop I create
When I tried KDevelop I created a new C++-project in the directory OpenFOAM-1.1/src. After that KDevelop asked me whether I wanted to import all the C++-Files in that directory.

Don't know about Visual C++, but it should work similar.

akamgang May 17, 2005 11:18

Hello Is there anybody who

Is there anybody who knows where i can found more informations on how to use Salome. or does some of you knows a book on the Topics , because the help is not Clear enough. please i am waiting for your Answers.

mattijs May 17, 2005 11:45

The 'Programmers C++ Doxygen'
The 'Programmers C++ Doxygen' button on

works fine for me. Looks like your browser does not recognize javascript.

nakamura May 17, 2005 18:12

I think that PHP is needed in
I think that PHP is needed in searching in Doxygen on the local machine.

I set Apache with PHP on my Unix box
and access to http://MyMachine/~Me/OpenFOAM/OpenFO.../Doxygen/html/
and searching goes well.

mirsaeedi December 18, 2006 12:10

hi I am new with C++ and Open
I am new with C++ and OpenFoam programming.
I searched in doxygen but i can not use it.
How can i starting programming in OpenFoam. Ofcourse i know about OO programming but the names and classes in doxygen are confused me.
How can i start?


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