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smith June 29, 2006 13:16

I'm not a heavy enough user to
I'm not a heavy enough user to know how easy it is to integrate new tools into OpenFOAM, and I won't be releasing my own extension of OpenFOAM any time soon, but for anyone interested in advanced mesh generation, there's a new tool called "Sierra" produced by SandiaNL. If it's better than FOAM's mesh generator them someone might like to try to clone OpenFOAM or branch it by incorporating Sierra. (Not sure if Sierra is open source though?)

Here's an abstract about Sierra:

"Sierra Computational Mechanics Framework: Managing Complexity For Massively Parallel Adaptive Multiphysics Applications"

Requirements for modeling and simulation capabilities are increasing in breadth of physics, fidelity of models, complexity of the systems to be simulated, and problem size (e.g. degrees of freedom). Advanced technologies and algorithms, such as massively parallel computing and automatically adaptive discretizations, are being successfully applied to handle large problems and reduce the time to solution - at the cost of further increasing the complexity of these codes. Managing this complexity is a significant challenge, requiring the integration of expertise from many disciplines. Sandia National Laboratories has developed the Sierra Framework to support a large, diverse set of complex, massively parallel, multiphysics application codes The Sierra Framework is responsible for consolidating complex physics-independent capabilities into a single software infrastructure that is shared by these application codes. These capabilities include management of distributed mesh and field data structures, interfacing to parallel linear solvers, dynamic load balancing, transfer of fields between dissimilar meshes, and parallel adaptivity for distributed, unstructured meshes. An overview of Sierra's capabilities and design abstractions of Sierra's distributed dynamic object-oriented mesh data structure and parallel algorithms will be presented.

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