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marcelo May 4, 2006 19:36

Hello... I need to buy a Vi

I need to buy a Video card ... I have a x2 3800+, That recommend me for Foam?


brooksmoses May 4, 2006 20:08

The only part of OpenFOAM that
The only part of OpenFOAM that would depend on the video card at all (beyond very basic Linux compatibility) is ParaView. ParaView is based on the VTK toolkit, and in the VTK FAQ there is the following entry regarding video cards:

The gist of that is that, under Linux, both NVidia and ATI cards work about equally well, and they don't have any specific recommendations.

The ParaView FAQ also has some instructions for installing video card drivers in Linux, here: From a brief look at that site, I would guess that the ATI drivers are probably easier to install.

Also, note that unless you are doing 3D visualization of very complicated data sets, hardware acceleration is pretty much unnecessary, and the requirement for the graphics card pretty much starts and ends at "It's compatible with the operating system, and it will display enough pixels in enough colors."

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