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wikstrom September 26, 2005 06:23

Hi, Is there any way of see

Is there any way of seeing if donated money have reached the "acceptor"?

Did put in some $50 a while ago, got a receipt from Paypal (mail) and a lighter wallet, but no confirmation from the OpenFOAM-project that money were recieved.


mattijs September 27, 2005 13:59

Hi Niklas, there is no dire
Hi Niklas,

there is no direct way of seeing this. But rest assured, we did receive your money (at least we think it was yours - it was anonymous).

Many thanks & keep supporting!

wikstrom September 28, 2005 07:23

Thanks, too bad the number

too bad the number of don's are so few that an anonymous one is possiblie to identify, so to speak...


hsieh November 7, 2005 15:50

Hi, After using OpenFOAM fo

After using OpenFOAM for about 8 months now. I think it is a great CFD code. I learned that there are maybe more than a thousand OpenFOAM users now. If we can all chip in some small amount of money, then, we can keep OpenFOAM developing into a much better code with up-to-date numerical methods. If we fail to do this, then, OpenFOAM will fade away in the near future.

I would like to make some more donation to the OpenFOAM project. I am urging your support too.


francois March 24, 2006 20:26

Hi, I'm using OpenFOAM for

I'm using OpenFOAM for about few months now. I try to learn it when I have some time ... but it's not easy to take the time for ... but when I can, I read some messages on this forum and try to develop my own utilities.

I'm impressed with the availability of the people who answer to our questions (which are sometimes so easy for them). But they take some of their precious time to answer ... and their time is as precious as mine or your's. So thank you Hrvoje , Henry, Mattijs, Niklas, Eugene, Alberto, Bernhard, ..., ..., (sorry I can't cite them all).

Today I try to do a really simple utility: read a velocity profile (experimental data) from a file and interpolate it on the mesh to make a non uniform boundary condition at the inlet ... well it's easy isn't it ? Hum ... not so easy for me ! Why ? Because I'm new to C++ and new to OpenFOAM too.

Today I understand for me the need of a good programmer or reference manual for OpenFOAM. There are already a very good User Guide and Programmer's Guide. This forum and the Wiki are excellent for sharing our problems and solutions. But I think that some of us and more generally the OpenFOAM project need a more in depth guide to be able to reach the CFD community.

So today I made a donation to support the future developments of OpenFOAM and perhap's to have a complete Reference and Programmer's Guide. Making such a Guide is an hard work and very time consuming. We need the help of the parents of OpenFOAM but to do so they need our support too !

Please support the OpenFOAM project, it's great unique and unequaled project in the CFD community. How many are we ? 100 ? 200 ? 1000 ... perhaps more ... As Dr B.M. Smith said before in this forum : "... It's not the amount you send them that matters anyway, ... What really matters is the number of us who spontaneously decide to support OpenCFD ..."

It's easy you just have to follow this link:

Let's go !

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