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brooksmoses January 7, 2006 14:49

The lnInclude directories in O
The lnInclude directories in OpenFOAM contain a set of symlinks to all of the source files in the associated directories, thus allowing one to include only lnInclude in the relevant paths rather than having to include all of several dozen (or more) actual source directories.

I would presume that these are automatically generated by a simple script of some sort. Could someone post a copy of that script?

(I'm working on a basic Cygwin port of at least the core parts of OpenFOAM, which requires renaming a number of files and a couple of directories to deal with case-sensitivity problems, and thus having this script to regenerate the lnInclude directories would save me quite a lot of work!)

Thanks much!

hjasak January 7, 2006 17:19

The script is wmakeLnInclude.
The script is wmakeLnInclude.

Go to the library source directory and do

wmakeLnInclude .

There is no good way of doing this for all the libraries in one go beucase the source is organized hierarchically and each bit takes care of itself.

Good luck,


brooksmoses January 8, 2006 22:56

Thanks! That's exactly what I
Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for.

pvita January 9, 2006 07:30

Maybe it will be interesting f
Maybe it will be interesting for you to follow a discussion Case-insensitive unpacking and windows/macos.

brooksmoses January 26, 2006 20:02

Thanks Petr! That definitely
Thanks Petr! That definitely does look useful to me.

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