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hjasak September 13, 2005 04:35

An interesting porting problem
An interesting porting problem:

Trying to link the engineFoam executable requires both the combustionThermophysicalModels and the triSurface libraries at the same time.

In triSurface, there is a file


which uses flex to do some of its work. Also, there is a


in the chemistry readers, which relies to flex as well. The flex implementation in both cases creates a .C file which produces a bunch of symbols in each of the libraries; when I link them together I get a linker error due to multiple symbols. The linker is, of course, right!

The solution I am toying with is to namespace both things to sort things out properly, but is looks pretty painful and I'm searching for an easier solution. Any ideas?

For interested parties, this is the last bits of the Mac OSX FOAM port.


mattijs September 13, 2005 09:56

idea: rewrite STL reader in C+
idea: rewrite STL reader in C++. Is simple enough format.

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